About Us

Mission Statement

The Native Hawaiian Bar Association is an association of lawyers, judges and other legal professionals of Hawaiian ancestry that promotes excellence, unity, cooperation, education and the exchange of ideas among its members and in the larger community.  Formed in 1992, NHBA strives for justice and effective legal representation for Native Hawaiians.

Information on the Native Hawaiian Bar Association

NHBA includes attorneys ranging from solo practitioners to members of large firms, corporations, legal services organizations, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies.  NHBA offers special memberships to non-Hawaiian legal professionals who have promoted the development of law for the benefit of Native Hawaiians and to law students.

NHBA has trained over 30 practitioners of traditional Hawaiian peacemaking through its Ho‘oponopono Project.  These haku are active today in our community.  NHBA has also convened symposia and meetings on the issues affecting our Hawaiian community today: sovereignty, access and gathering protection, water usages guaranteed under State law, Hawaiian Home Lands and ceded lands breach of trust claims.





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