The Native Hawaiian Bar Association created this display of historical documents to accompany a session of the 2006 American Bar Association convention titled “The Legal Status of Native Hawaiians.” That session featured six renowned speakers in the area of Native Hawaiian and Native American legal rights: William Meheula, Robert Klein, Melody MacKenzie, John Osorio, Pat Zell, Mary Smith and Bobo Dean as moderator.

Each of the following displays show legally significant documents and related photographs in the establishment of the government of the Kingdom of Hawai‘i, its recognition by the international community including the United States, its annexation by the United States, and the current relationship between the Native Hawaiian peoples and United States. Points of view or opinions of sites that we link to do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the Native Hawaiian Bar Association.

Get the entire exhibit here, or download the individual panels below.

    1. Title Poster
    2. United States Early Diplomatic Recognition of the Independent Kingdom of Hawai‘i
    3. The First Constitution of 1840  //  Link to the 1840 Constitution
    4. King Kamehameha III
    5. King David Kalākaua
    6. The Bayonet Constitution of 1887  //  Link to the Bayonet Constitution
    7. The Proposed Constitution of 1893  //  Link to the Proposed Constitution
    8. Queen Lili‘uokalani
    9. The Committee of Safety
    10. Proclamation of the Committee of Safety on January 17, 1893
    11. The Queen’s Protest
    12. The Royal Hawaiian Band’s Protest
    13.  First Attempt at Annexation:  Provisional Government Declares Itself the Republic of Hawai‘i on July 4, 1894
    14. Arrest of Queen Lili‘uokalani on January 16, 1893
    15. The Anti-Annexation Petitions and the Second Attempt at Annexation
    16. The Queen in 1898, After Returning from Washington
    17. The Newlands Resolution and Annexation
    18. Annexation Day, August 12, 1898
    19. The Organic Act of 1900
    20. The Admission Act of 1959
    21. The 1993 Apology Resolution  //  Link to the Apology Resolution
    22. Native Hawaiian Reorganization Act (“The Akaka Bill”)
This display is the property of the Native Hawaiian Bar Association.
Funding for this display was provided by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

Photo via (cc)  //  Flickr user grant_loy