October 29, 2014 – Native Hawaiian Governance Lunchtime Panel

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Dr. Richard Kaipo Lum, a professor at the University of Hawaii, Manoa and expert on future studies, attended a panel hosted by NHBA regarding how technological, political, and economic conditions of the past and present shape future outcomes.  Dr. Lum’s talk focused on his research, particularly addressing how we as an indigenous group have the opportunity to examine and alter our perspectives and efforts regarding nation-building, governance design, and potential outcomes for a Native Hawaiian polity in this dynamic and technologically-changing 21st century environment.

The NHBA also invited Derek Kauanoe, Governance Manager at the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, to share an update on OHA’s current and future governance efforts.

Dr. Lum’s and Mr. Kauanoe’s discussions were both thought provoking and inspiring given the current events and efforts relating to nation-building efforts.

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