July 29, 2015 – Guest Speaker Dr. Asam Discusses Na’i Aupuni

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On July 29, members of the NHBA attended a luncheon hosted by the NHBA, presenting Dr. J. Kuhio Asam as guest speaker.  Dr. Asam is one of five volunteer directors of the independently formed not-for-profit Na’i Aupuni.  Na’i Aupuni is shepherding the delegate election, convention, and ratification processes for the ‘Aha (constitutional convention).  Dr. Asam discussed Na’i Aupuni’s role in setting a path toward the reorganization of a Native Hawaiian government through the ‘Aha, which is scheduled to convene early next year, which will be attended by 40 delegates who will craft the founding documents that, if ratified, will give rise to a Native Hawaiian government.

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